Ideas and tips for Home Luxury Decor 2014

Ideas and tips for Home Luxury Decor 2014

Housewife feel needs to renewal from time to time, but this may be difficult because it requires effort and cost. So, here are ideas that make you can to renew your home decor in one step without great cost and with minimal effort to make it easier for you to renew the decor at any time. make these ideas and you’ll get a great result and stylish decor for your home.

Living Room
– You can renew the living room in one simple step; Bring a large painting – less than the size of the wall a little bit – by you prefer graphics and hang it on the wall.
after selected a painting, choose a panel that suit with Modern Style decor or the Classic, take care of the color symmetry.

by Simple step and with the lowest cost you can renew your kitchen by painting purposes storage where color that fits the paint walls color and flooring color in order to be all decor in symmetry way .

Dining room
it Is not required when you renewing the dining room, change the cloth of dining table because it consumes expensive. For this, you can only renew seats for the table by changing the colors of wood or cloth to be stylish and suitable for Style of the room.

– Wallpaper is one of the simplest ideas that occur to renew the house, and if you want to renew your home, you can replace bathroom wallpaper, paint forms that you like and appropriate to the bathroom Style and colors.

– If you want to renew the bedroom without great cost and with minimal effort, renew a furniture by just changing the cloth seats or wood background for the bed to make it through a cloth as a kind of renewal. Try these ideas and see the differences .

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